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Cast Iron Skillets

laura holding a cast iron skillet


Cast iron skillets are everything. They make the best steak, the best eggs, and by far the best full Irish breakfast. They can be used almost red hot, or they can simmer for hours. They make caramelised onions taste like no other pan can. You can bake, roast, and fry in them. They can go in the oven, on the hob, in the flames, or on the BBQ grate. 

We always get asked are they non-stick? For the most part, yes they are. More often than not meat with stick to them when raw, but as it cooks it will unstick by itself. You will need a little oil for eggs. But that space age teflon frying pan you have is only non stick for about 4 days - after that it is falling apart, buckled, and about as non stick as a tub of glue. Cast iron will last 30 years and then some.

Wrought iron has more or less the same properties as cast iron, but it is a lot lighter and easier to handle if you find cast iron too heavy. It also looks amazing.

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Windmill Cast Iron Skillet - 7"


Windmill Cast Iron Skillet - 8.5"


Windmill Cast Iron Skillet - 10"


Windmill Cast Iron Skillet - 12"


Petromax Wrought-Iron Pan 20cm


Petromax Wrought-Iron Pan 24cm


Petromax Wrought-Iron Pan 28cm


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