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Irish Barbecue Sauces

Table of food showing Irish made BBQ and chilli sauces

They say hunger is the best sauce, but that doesn't mean you should only eat dry bread. Our sauces are made with Irish Apple Cider Vinegar for a really special tang and deep flavour. They will bring all your food to life whether you use them to dip, pour, or marinate.

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Chilli Sauce Triple Pack

€18.00   €9.00
Digital image of a 285g bottle of Scotch BBQ sauce made by Great Northern Larder.

Scotch - Award Winning BBQ Sauce

A digitial representation of a bottle of Rum BBQ sauce made by Great Northern Larder.

Rum BBQ Sauce

Photograph of four ingredient chilli sauce by Great Northern Larder. 285 grams per bottle.

Chilli - Our Famous Four Ingredient Hot Sauce

Image of Great Northern Larder Fury - Extra Hot Chilli Sauce.

Fury - Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

From  €7.00

Garlic - Chilli Sauce with Garlic

A digital image of a 250ml marasca bottle of Sweet Chilli sauce as made by Great Northern Larder. It is very bright red in colour and there a outlines of chillies dotted around the label behind the name of the sauce - SWEET.

Sweet - Hot & Sticky Sweet Chilli Sauce

Digital image of GNL Plum Chilli Sauce in a 250ml glass marasca bottle.

Plum - Fiery Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce

Picture of a bottle of Great Northern Larder Brown sauce. Handmade irish brown sauce produced in small batches in a HP style bottle.

Brown - The World's Most Luxurious Brown Sauce

A digital image of a 250ml marasca bottle of honey sweetened Tomato sauce made by Great Northern Larder.

Tomato - Honey Sweetened Ketchup


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