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Adhesive Pad for Petromax Cool Box kx25

The adhesive pad is a custom-fit, thin cover for the Petromax Cool Box kx25. The durable synthetic foam provides for additional slip resistance, is highly UV, temperature and weather-resistant. Thus, the durable material is a strong lid cover against scratches and bumps, effectively repelling moisture and dirt. The Adhesive Pad is easy to clean and applied in just a few steps.

The adhesive pad is designed for the kx25 but you will lose the belt guides used for safe lashing. The pad is available in two colour variants with two Petromax logo designs each: As a simple version with frame and depressions in wood look including the typical Petromax lettering or as an elaborately designed version with Petromax dragon logo, each available in the colours grey and brown.

The adhesive pad can be used in combination with the Seat Cushion for the Petromax Cool Box kx25.

Applying the Adhesive Pad

Before application, the surface of the lid must be dry and free from dust and grease. First, the lid of the cool box should be cleaned thoroughly with water and a commercially available dishwashing detergent and dried with a cloth.

Remove the adhesive film on the back and hold the adhesive pad just over the lid of the cool box for adjusting. Start on one side of the lid and place the edge of the adhesive pad flush – without any pressure. Let the rest of the adhesive area follow slowly. As soon as the edges lay exact, press down the adhesive pad with the palms of your hands.

Caution: After firm application the adhesive pad can no longer be adjusted or removed without damage.

Technical Details

Material: synthetic foam

Dimensions: (H x W x D): 0.3 x 55 x 37.5 cm

Weight packed: 380 g

Colour: brown, grey

Decor: lines and lettering, dragon logo (cut)

Delivery Time
Please be aware that this product has a 2 - 3 week lead time from ordering and will most likely also delay the rest of your order.

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