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Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal Briquettes

It’s time to go Au Natural.

Au Natural is a 100% natural compressed briquette charcoal. Big K make it without binders, so there are no nasty chemicals to spoil the flavour of your cooking. It’s compressed from waste sawdust and wood chips at high pressures to create moulded hexagonal tubes that are consistently sized and shaped, meaning they’re easy to handle and burn cleanly. These tubes have a central hole to aid airflow, which ensures they burn evenly across your barbecue, with no hot or cold spots to manage.

With a cooking time of over 3 hours, Au Natural is dependable and long-lasting. It’s best used in combination with a small amount of lumpwood charcoal as a lighting aid.

Au Natural is used to power professional grills across the country, but it’s also popular among adventurous home barbecuers. If you’re looking to keep your BBQ clean and full of flavour, Au Natural is perfect for purists.


100% natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes

Made from wood waste with no binders.

Ready to cook within 45 minutes with over 3 hours of cooking time.

Central hole to aid airflow for even burning.

The more you purchase the more you save. You can save a further 10% by treating your BBQ to a monthly subscription of Big K. Please note 91 boxes is a pallet delivery and has a 2 week lead time est.

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